skull project, 2022

Skull project is a series of characters depicting grotesque humanity.

Human or animal skulls in these works represent fate and ephemeral of life ; as well as a sense of eternity ; continuity of existence.

Skulls are here to remind us we are simple mortal creatures.

In a kind of waiting line. To somewhere else.

Me Myself and I

I was thinking the other day : A general practitioner is actually a veterinary. Hyper specialized in a single animal species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Do ants feel like masters of the world? Does an earthworm think itself to be the most evolved species? I’m convinced of it.

A simple animal among many others.



black and white young man with berret

Young angel man with white wings.

tatooed back man with lights

young man with a guitar

Nude man on the tires

Young angel man with white wings.

Portrait of a young beautiful man in jacket

Man falling with splash of water

jeune homme en costume de gladiateur

young man with cap in front of explosion

colorful screaming man

Bras de fer ange contre demon

Boxeur nu contre son ombre

black spider man in the desert

man under a new york picture

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